Good afternoon Mark,

Thanks for getting back to us. We really appreciate it. We really appreciate your
product; it works well. I tried leaving a comment on your website
I did not recognize the site; is it still the correct url?

Thank you for your kind words. Sorry for the confusion, I hope we have fixed the issue. Please let me know.



Product works we!ll

Good looking site. Hey, the ones with the glove is genius. I will be ordering those next time in the 9×9. I’m passing the word!

Chris Travis
Director of Maintenance
HMC Interests LLC

The ones with the glove is genius!

Good afternoon Mark,
Thanks for getting back to us. We really appreciate it. We really appreciate your product; it works well.

Kind regards,


Dutch Eclipse

Hello  Mark,
We have received the Strutwipes and are currently using them on the aircraft.
Getting some great feedback so far from our maintenance staff.
I will let you know when we are ready for another shipment.


Reid Scaman | Director of Maintenance
Calm Air International LP

Calm Air’s Strutwipes

Hi Mark,
The initial type trial on the 767 fleet was so positive that we are now using them on most of our fleet with stock across our Canadian, European and South American stations. The technician really appreciate the ability store a few in their pockets while they do a walk around and to disposed of used rags in the same bag they came in.

Thanks for your help!
Senior Buyer
Air Canada

Air Canada

Hi Mark,
Worked great on the Hawker. Our cleaning group suggest the larger wipes you sell.
After we finish our current stock we’ll reorder.
Tim Lambrecht

Worked Great on the Hawker!

Hey mark!

I have been meaning to order more, these are awesome to have in the
toolkit when on longer trips and yours came in handy!

StrutWipe note, we will be adding a recurring order feature.

Jamie Kirk

Hey Mark,
Yikes! I’m glad you’re feeling better and you’re all over that craziness! Yeah I think my wife would’ve killed me if two days later I left the hospital and was off OSH. But hey, sometimes we just got to do what we need to do LOL!

The wipes are absolutely an awesome product and I use them all the time. I’ve referred them to my mechanic and I think he actually ordered some.

Thanks for the follow up and hopefully I’ll meet you at 0SH.

Blue skies,

Andy Elwood

Yes! Please send what I had last time.
Great product!

Peter Weiss

I heard about you from another fellow aircraft owner. He said you are not an aircraft owner unless you have these… ha ha. Since I just purchased a PA-28-180 I thought I better get some on order – StrutWipes. Thank you so much for the quick note. Look forward to receiving them and placing my next order with you guys!!

Adam Streeter