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Our Strutwipes are an excellent choice for cleaning chrome piston cylinders and struts. The wipe is presaturated with top of the line hydraulic fluid: MIL-PRF-5606.

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Our Strutwipes are an excellent choice for cleaning chrome piston cylinders and struts. The wipe is presaturated with top of the line hydraulic fluid: MIL-PRF-5606. Protect your personnel from hazardous hydraulic fluid until use with our three layer lamination foil packaging that eliminates vapor exposure emitted by hydraulic fluid. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when working with hazardous material. Note: For longer shelf life, we manufacture your wipes the day after your order is placed.

Our hydraulic presaturated wipes are lint and static free, made of 100% cotton cloth woven and finished without starch, binders, or any foreign substances. The cloth finish gives this wipe a softer and better dirt-trapping capacity. This wipe is pre-soaked with hydraulic fluid MIL-PRF-5606 and has incredible retention to minimize fluid drip.


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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × .24 × 6 in

4×4, 6×6, 9×9

Hydraulic fluid

Royco 756

6 reviews for Strutwipes 756

  1. Kenny

    I bought the 6X6 size in the 50 pack. Works great and very convenient, worth every penny.

    • Mark Gregory

      Hi Kenny,
      Thank you for your review. I’m delighted that you love the convenience of Strutwipe.

  2. Gary (verified owner)

    So I finally have used them enough to get a decent review. Initially my plane was down for a few months getting a new panel and avionics work, then a week after it was done, I sent it for complete interior redo, After picking the plane up the struts were filthy dirty. I used my 6×6 wipe and it cleaned all 3 struts and the tube on the steering dampener. They seem very strong and do a good job of cleaning. Because the struts were so dirty, I couldn’t get another use out of the initial one I used, so after flying several times afterwards, I usually wipe my struts down after every flight. I seem to be able to clean all 3 struts and dampener approximately 3 – 4 times with a 6×6 wipe until its dry or too dirty to continue. Overall a well made product. No more pouring 5606 on a rag or paper towel. I keep a few in the plane and the rest in the hangar. I have liked them so much, I gave several out to my neighbor hangars for them to try as well. Good job on creating a useful product. After my initial purchase of 50 gets depleted, I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks Again!

    • Mark Gregory

      Hi Gary,
      Thank you for your review. At 3-4 flight per wipe that will give you about 200 flight. That’s about $0.25 per use. That’s not bad value from money!


    Cupp’s Industrial Supply, Inc in Tucson, AZ distributes this product & our customers love it! Strutwipe is easy to work with and always on time with deliveries. Great company and a great product, look forward to working together more in the future.

    • Mark Gregory

      Cupp’s Industrial Supply, Inc handles all clients that either do not or cannot use PayPal. Because we have such an awesome relationship, shipping time is not affected. Mike can be reached at for all your Strutwipe needs!

  4. Joe (verified owner)

    I’ve never cleaned my struts before, but after using Strutwipe I will do so on a regular basis. Your product worked great!

    • Mark Gregory

      Thank you Joe,
      We are looking forward to being a service to you again.

  5. Herb Ludgewait (verified owner)

    Old Cherokee I bought 21/2 years ago. Struts were”sticky”, and I suspected bad Orings or air/oil servicing.. My mechanic would clean and lube whenever I got to see him, as I refuse to deal w/home field FBO. Upon using Strut Wipes often, there is a great improvement in landing gear. Even my “frequent flyer” buddy notices the difference. Thanks for great product.

    • Mark Gregory

      Hi Herb,
      Thank you for your review. Nothing delights me more than hear a fellow aviator satisfied with Strutwipe.

  6. smoothlandingsllc

    Here at Smooth Landings, LLC – We Overhaul Landing Gears and we always send a 5606 wipe out with each gear, so the customer will be able to wipe down their struts. I recently bought some of these wipes and they are very durable & come in a sealed package with a ziploc strip, so they can be used several times. We will now be sending out our Landing Gears with this wipe & our customers are going to Love them. Great Product !!!! We will advertise for you !!!

    • Mark Gregory

      Thank you Smooth Landings, LLC. Alan is the owner and like Strutwipe is a Mom and Pop shop, we both take pride in our product. Please visit his website;

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